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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Why should you consider Chinese herbs and medicines ?

Chinese herbs are known for their healing capabilities and they do not have as many side effects because it consists of natural ingredients. This alone gives it a big advantage over Western medicines which are known for their many side effects and interactions.

People from all over the world are constantly looking for solutions to their health problems after Western medicines have failed them. This is especially true when it comes to chronic diseases and ailments. Chinese herbs and medicines are frequently used for general health problems as well as conditions that have been diagnosed as having no radical cure.

The Origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is a system that was developed over the course of more than 3000 years and provides a very detailed system of health promotion and maintenance. Because of this rich background, Chinese medicine continues to gain international recognition.

The Chinese have refined the idea of person-centered medicine over the centuries. There are 4 principal examination methods : examining the patient by sight, by sound and smell, inquiring about symptoms and by touching the patient (a process known as palpitation). A diagnosis can then be made in terms of the 8 indicators, deficiency and excess, cold and heat, exterior and interior and yin and yang.

TCM can really be used for just about any health issue that you can think of including these general conditions listed below :

Acid Reflux
Blood pressure
Weight Loss
Blood Circulation
Male Sexual Potency
Women's Sexual Potency and Infertility

Herbs can be used individually or as part of a combination that is known as a formula. The idea behind a formula is to use the herbs in harmony. Over the years, TCM practitioners have developed a system by which they are able to match combinations of herbs to combinations of symptoms. 

Formulas are normally available as tablets, capsules, teas, tinctures and powders. Herbal experts agree that Chinese herbal formulas are most effective when taken as teas, but because it may be too time consuming, many patients opt for over the counter tablets and extracts.

First time users of herbal formulas are frequently confused by the dosages as this is mostly given as a range rather than an exact dosage. An example of this would be "take one to three pills daily". This means that the minimum dosage to see results is one tablet and taking more than three will have no additional benefit.

For the best results, it is advised to take the formulas on an empty stomach with a little bit of warm water (about 120 ml or half a cup). The water will be responsible to carry the formula to the digestive tract, while taking it on an empty stomach will ensure that there will be no unwanted chemical reactions with food.      

How To Treat Different Medical Conditions Using Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine is considered one of the finest and most reliable herbal systems in the world. The systematic approach and irrefutable efficiency of Chinese herbs ensures that countless people throughout the world use these products to treat medical conditions to great effect. Chinese herbal medicine is basically an aspect of the traditional Chinese medication that focuses on maintaining the health of the body by reestablishing the balance of the energy and spirit of a body.

Chinese herbs are widely used to treat medical conditions. Chinese medication is dedicated to reviewing the illnesses of the patients and the patterns of their individual symptoms. With a combination of certain herbs, plant extracts and minerals, the doctors try to minimize the illness and treat the imbalances caused by various diseases. Chinese herbal medicine can be obtained in a vast variety. With different medicines manufactured using different combination of herbs and minerals, the prescription is capable of treating a number of the most devastating diseases existing today. Herbal blends are mostly known to minimize and treat a variety of infections, breathing problems and hormone disturbances. Many people also believe that Chinese herbs possess the power to treat numerous types of cancer in an effective way.

Skin problems can also be solved using a few specific Chinese herbs. Chinese medicine is more focused on treating the skin problems inside the body rather than softening and tempering the skin from outside. With the help of nature, Chinese medicine can easily repair your skin damage. Heat is the basic destroyer of healthy skin. Chinese herbs, in this scenario, cool down the interior of the body and ensure that your skin restores to its original condition rapidly.

Bronchitis is another disease that can be treated and cured using Chinese medication. This type of disease results from a viral respiratory infection which is capable of affecting the nose and sinuses. Chinese herbs that possess anti-viral and phlegm dissolving properties are mostly used to treat this condition. Chinese herbal medicine has also been known to treat various forms of cancer. By reducing the tumor growth, reducing pain and diminishing other symptoms, this medication can enhance your health and improve the quality of your life effectively. Infertility is another common medical condition that has been known to be cured by Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal medicine treats this medical condition by carefully obtaining a differential diagnosis and solving the problems that cause this disease. Many people have benefited from Chinese herbs and are successfully having healthy babies.

Chinese herbs have proved to be a stupendous gift of nature. With impressive healing properties, Chinese herbs are capable of treating a gigantic number of medical conditions. In addition, the medication does not leave any devastating side effects. These herbs treat medical conditions by regulating and cleaning your body naturally. All the raw materials that your body requires for successful healing are provided by these herbs. These herbs, if taken in the right quantity, will effectively improve your health, allow you to be more productive and treat and prevent many of the harmful diseases that exist currently.